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Providing solutions across the food chain.

Posted June 30, 2020 by Ben Towns, Associate Vice President, Americas

Providing a safe and wholesome food supply throughout the world takes an intentional and dedicated commitment throughout the supply chain. Connecting the entire food supply continuum from the farm through processing requires products and services designed to combat the toughest food safety issues.

These challenges need innovation and science-based technologies rooted in passion and commitment to provide the necessary solutions. Throughout its history, Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production has evolved to become a global leader providing science-based solutions for today’s food safety challenges.

ARM & HAMMER’s legacy stems from its initial launch into animal nutrition with products designed to improve rumen health and production for dairy cattle. That foundation in animal nutrition paved the way to expanding their products and services in broader categories through acquisitions of like-minded companies. Included in their portfolio expansion was the acquisition of Passport Food Safety Solutions™, which closed the circle in the food safety chain with integrated products designed to help processors meet the challenge of foodborne pathogens.

Our continual evolution reinforces our commitment to deliver industry-leading advancements throughout the food chain. That evolution has allowed us to offer an integrated suite of products, including on-farm and processing resources leveraging the power of science.

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ARM & HAMMER™ is now the only global food chain partner integrating comprehensive and diverse technologies for animal and food production systems. We take pride in working alongside our protein producers and processors to solve unique challenges at all levels of the food production system.

Our multiple food safety product offerings include Finalyse™, a phage technology, and our hypobromous acid products—BoviBrom™, AviBrom™ and PorciBrom™, broad-spectrum antimicrobials formulated for beef, poultry and pork processing. These products, among others in our portfolio, are applied to reduce levels of harmful foodborne pathogens, like Salmonella and E. coli, and maintain product integrity.

The advancement of our technology in processing plants after integrating food safety solutions heightens our legacy in animal production. Our business is built on feed additives that improve the performance of animals at the farm level and reduce pathogenic contamination before they reach the processing plant.

Our science savvy team hails from all corners of the world with expertise ranging across the integrated food spectrum, covering multiple species. We’re one-of-a-kind nutritional innovators, microbial pioneers and food safety experts committed to providing the highest quality and most effective animal and food production solutions.

We’re here to be your partner—a solutions provider in a complex world of never-ending challenges. For more information on the full ARM & HAMMER portfolio, including products and services for both animal production and food production, visit

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