Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production

Commitment to Industry

Commitment to Industry

Dedicated to our industry.

We're committed to providing diverse technologies for animal and food production systems. We're actively involved in the industries we serve. Here's how we make sure that your industries are our industries: 

  • Engagement: We regularly work with associations to advance their industries through our research efforts. This includes continuous sponsorship of and memberships in business-minded and progressive education initiatives and consumer-focused organizations.
  • Innovation: We have a long history of pioneering research-driven solutions. Today we're committed to continuing to deliver industry-leading advancements throughout the food chain.
  • Certification: We often show our support by obtaining important industry certifications. For example, in the U.S. market we're certified by the American Feed Industry Association Safe Feed/Safe Food program and Facility Certification Institute. Some facilities have also obtained GMP+ certification for global products and several of our products are OMRI-certified for organic use.
Our commitment to the industries we serve is one more way we support producers and processors—and stay at the forefront of animal and food production. Click here to learn more about how we unlock opportunities for the customers we serve. 

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