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Three pillars of Sustainability

New #ScienceHearted Sustainability Resources

Posted March 29, 2023 by Ben Towns, Global Business Director

These days, it seems like everyone has something to say about sustainability—whether it’s capturing corporate data or making bold environmental claims, sustainability has become quite the buzzword. But we believe that our sustainability journey is best told through our customers.

For our #ScienceHearted team, sustainability isn’t just about meeting our goals, it’s about the technologies and solutions we provide to customers to help meet their sustainability goals through improved production efficiencies and enhanced sustainability of their operations. Last year, we officially introduced our sustainability platform. But our sustainability journey didn’t start or end there.

Sustainability has been embedded in our journey since our start. We believe our role is to provide tools to our customers to help meet their goals and partner with other industry leaders to advance sustainability across the food chain. This partnership approach can impact the entire industry and help business tackle this important, but difficult challenge.

We aim to support our customers with the products, technologies and resources they need to achieve their sustainability goals. Our sustainability journey is built on three equally important pillars—responsible animal production, environmental impact and meeting the needs of people—that you can read more about here

Introducing a new #ScienceHearted sustainability series.

We’re looking forward to building our sustainability platform with discipline and determination. Our team is collaborating with other industry leaders and customers to construct next steps. This month, we’ll be having several industry leaders on our Food Chain Chats podcast to share key insights on sustainability within the animal and food production industry.

Episode 1: Lara Moody, IFEEDER Executive Director 

Our series kicks off on April 5 with Lara Moody, Executive Director of the Institute for Feed Education and Research (IFEEDER). IFEEDER supports critical education and research initiatives to ensure consumers have access to a safe, healthy and sustainable food supply. Prior to joining IFEEDER in April 2021, Lara served as the vice president of stewardship and sustainability at The Fertilizer Institute. She also worked in research and extension programs at Iowa State University and the University of Tennessee. Lara will be joining us to discuss IFEEDER’s work with sustainability.

Episode 2: Ashley McDonald, Assistant Vice President of Sustainability at National Pork Board.

Ashley McDonald joins us on April 12. Ashley is the assistant vice president of sustainability development and outreach for the National Pork Board. Prior to her tenure at the National Pork Board, Ashley was the senior director of sustainability for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA), representing cattle producers in sustainability initiatives domestically and internationally. Ashley holds a degree in agriculture economics from the University of Missouri and a Juris Doctorate degree from the Antonin Scalia Law School (George Mason University) in Arlington, Virginia. 

Episode 3: Chris Noble, Noblehurst Farms 

Chris Noble will join us on April 19 to discuss the Noblehurst Farms sustainability journey. Established in 1960 in Linwood, New York, Noblehurst Farms Inc. is a seventh-generation, multi-family farm with an eye for sustainability and environmental stewardship. The family-run business includes Noblehurst Farms, an 1,800-cow dairy with more than 2,500 acres of land where corn, alfalfa, and wheat are grown, Craigs Station Creamery, a milk processing facility, Noblehurst Green Energy, which produces electricity, and Natural Upcycling, a food-scrap collection business. 

Episode 4: Matt Farrell, CEO at Church & Dwight 

Our series wraps up on April 26 with Matt Farrell, CEO of our parent company, Church & Dwight. Matt has been with Church & Dwight since 2006 and has served as CEO since 2016. Matt will be joining us to discuss all the incredible work Church & Dwight has done as a pioneer and leader in the sustainability space. Church & Dwight’s sustainability journey stretches back over 100 years to when we began using recycled materials in packaging.  

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What our #ScienceHearted team has been up to in the sustainability space.

While our sustainability platform is young, our initiatives are not. Our parent company, Church & Dwight, was the only corporate sponsor of the first Earth Day back in 1970, and we’ve done a lot more since then.  

In the past year, from World Dairy Expo and the FeedInfo Summit to the Sustainable Ag Summit and IPPE, we’ve been connecting with customers and producers across the globe to learn how we can help them reach their sustainability goals.

The events have also provided a chance for us to give back in a meaningful way. In 2022 and early 2023, we partnered with organizations like Feeding America, Heifer International and Targeting Excellence as part of our sustainability goals and overall business mission to help feed the world and address food security issues around the globe. 

To learn more about our sustainability platform and initiatives, check out Ben’s recent episode of Food Chain Chats or contact your ARM & HAMMER rep. 




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About Ben Towns

Ben Towns has over two decades of dairy industry experience and has spent over half of his career with Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production. His initial role with the business was as a Channel Account Manager from 2008 to 2014. He returned to ARM & HAMMER in 2016, and currently serves as the Global Business Director. Ben holds a B.S. in Dairy Science and an M.S. in Dairy Science Management from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and received his MBA from the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater.



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