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Kick dairy bedding pathogens to the curb.

Posted March 23, 2023 by Mike Motta, Senior Manager, Sales – Integrated Food Production

Environmental pathogens have no place on your dairy. But untreated recycled manure solids (RMS) can leave your herd vulnerable to pathogens that can lead to high somatic cell count (SCC) and mastitis. Ready to kick those pathogens to the curb?

24/7 #ScienceHearted protection.  

Our team knows there are benefits to using this cost-effective, sustainable dairy bedding option, so we sought to develop a solution that provides 24/7 protection from environmental pathogens in RMS. CERTILLUS Eco Dairy Bedding is our latest #ScienceHearted solution which uses Bacillus strains from our vast library to inhibit mastitis-causing organisms.  

The product safely and effectively uses beneficial bacteria to target pathogenic threats in RMS bedding, helps lower SCC, and provides a sustainable manure outlet without the safety risks of chemical bedding treatments—saving you time and money. 

The cost of mastitis can add up quickly. A single mastitis case costs approximately $444 per cow per case in lost milk, vet expenses and overall productivity.1

Safer and more effective.  

Currently, most dairies are using lime or acid products to control environmental pathogens. So, why change? These types of solutions are one-time-use products; they work when they are applied but don’t continue to work once new pathogens are introduced to the bedding. Bacillus, on the other hand, continues to inhibit the outgrowth of pathogens after application.  

CERTILLUS Eco Dairy Bedding isn’t just a longer-lasting solution—it’s also a safer, cheaper and more sustainable solution. Current products present safety threats to cows, employees, and soil, and can be costly to use.  

Ready to get started? 

CERTILLUS Eco Dairy Bedding is easy to use. By way of our custom spray system, the product can be easily applied at the screw press. A direct-to-stall spray application is also an option. This new solution can work on all types of dairy farms and because it doesn’t have any antibiotic uses, it can be used on organic or conventional dairies. Ready to find out how CERTILLUS Eco Dairy Bedding can work for you? Contact your ARM & HAMMER representative or check out my episode of Food Chain Chats to learn more!  




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1 Rollin E, Dhuyvetter K, Overton MW. The cost of clinical mastitis in the first 30 days of lactation: An economic modeling tool. Prev Vet Med 2015 Dec 1;122(3):257-64. 



About Mike Motta

Mike Motta is the Business Development Manager with Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production. In his current role, Mike leads the launches of new #ScienceHearted solutions for ARM & HAMMER. Mike received his Bachelor of Science from West Virginia University and his MBA from University of Phoenix.



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