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Mycotoxins are no match for cellular, ‘inside out’ protection.

Posted October 05, 2021 by Dr. Sangita Jalukar, Technical Services Manager

Mycotoxins—the threat is real and nearly impossible to avoid using traditional approaches. Not only do they compromise the productivity and profitability of animal production around the world, but 85% of feedstuffs sampled were contaminated with at least one, according to a recent global survey.

Until now, testing feedstuffs and monitoring animal health were the only ways to identify mycotoxin challenges. But with more than 300 known mycotoxins out there, threats often emerge even after routine testing has been completed.

What’s worse, it’s now possible to know even more about what makes these enemies of productivity such a persistent, hard-to-manage threat. Recent advances in cytotoxicity analysis have put the challenge in a new light by identifying the harmful effects at the cellular level. When ingested, mycotoxins can damage the gut epithelial cell surface, compromising an animal’s ability to block them from entering tissues and migrating to different organs.

Fortunately, using the in vitro test has also led to the development of ‘inside out’ strategies to strengthen the gut epithelial cell surface and help mitigate the threat of attack by opportunistic pathogens.

Specifically, the addition of Refined Functional Carbohydrates™ (RFCs™) to the ration, such as those found in BG-MAX™, has proven effective in helping animals combat mycotoxins using a Prevent, Protect and Resilience (PPR) approach.

With BG-MAX, you can take full advantage of the PPR difference, a unique, three-step process that helps animals take on multiple mycotoxin challenges encountered every day.

  • PREVENT. In vitro studies have demonstrated that BG-MAX can prevent gut cytotoxicity caused by a variety of mycotoxins, as well as forage extracts containing them.
  • PROTECT. BG-MAX efficiently bound some of the most common mycotoxins in recent research.
  • RESILIENCE. Commercial research and university trials in animals show that BG-MAX prevents toxins from becoming systemic and reaching milk and different organs, restores immunity, and maintains reproductive health and growth even during a mycotoxin challenge.

Chart of Efficiency of Mycotoxin adsorption with BG-MAX

Chart of Reduced Epithelial Cell Damage in Presence RFCs

To learn more about battling the threat of mycotoxins from the inside out, contact your ARM & HAMMER™ representative.


Research cited available on request.

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