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Zinc oxide alternative looks promising for piglets

Research shows CELMANAX is a viable option for swine producers 

PRINCETON, N.J. (September 20, 2018)—The year 2022 brings big change in the European Union (EU) and Asian swine markets. That’s when the EU will ban zinc oxide (ZnO), commonly used in piglet diets. Significant reductions are also on the horizon for China and potentially other markets due to ZnO’s environmental impact.

But new research1 shows that natural solutions can keep piglets healthy without ZnO, even in the most stressful times. A trial completed in Spain evaluated how CELMANAX™ affects growth and performance of nursery piglets compared to ZnO.

“This is big news for pig producers worldwide,” says Bo Hansen, Director, EurAsian Sales at ARM & HAMMER™. “They are losing a long-trusted tool and need a sustainable replacement that performs just as well—or better.”

Research proven
In a unique approach, CELMANAX was supplemented in sow lactation diets to improve the health status of piglets pre-weaning. The trial assigned 60 sows to one of two dietary treatments 10 days before farrowing:
Control plus CELMANAX SCP, 0.02%

Piglets continued to be on the same treatments as their sows through the end of the trial. Then, at day 10, piglets were individually weighed and litters were reassigned to new treatments:   
Control plus CELMANAX SCP, 0.02% from day 10 to seven days post wean, and 0.03% from days seven to 28 post weaning
Control plus ZnO, 3000 PPM

CELMANAX in sow lactation diets improved piglet 10-day body weights (P=0.025) and weight at weaning (P=0.025) compared to zinc oxide. Average daily gain was also numerically increased in the CELMANAX group compared to the zinc oxide group.

 Piglet body weight comparison chart

“These results show that zinc oxide isn’t the only way to keep piglets healthy and growing well. In fact, piglets fed CELMANAX did better than those on zinc oxide,” says Dr. Elliot Block, Senior Manager, Technology at ARM & HAMMER. “The trial concluded CELMANAX can help reduce mortality and result in heavier pigs through the end of the nursery phase, leading to fewer days to slaughter weight. That means improved profitability for producers.”

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1 CELMANAX Research Notes S-94

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