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Give an EFA, Help Defeat Hunger

PRINCETON, N.J. (October 27, 2015)—Visitors to the Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition booth at the 2015 World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin, received more than personal attention from the ARM & HAMMER team and in-depth details about the company’s high-quality, research-proven, consistent feed ingredients. 

Hundreds and hundreds of lucky individuals also took home specially designed t-shirts that called out Essential Fatty Acids, the key components of ESSENTIOMTM, the renamed Omega-3 and Omega-6 Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) product that has been known as MEGALAC®-R since its original launch in 2001. 

And, 285 individuals immediately donned the t-shirts, sharing ARM & HAMMER and ESSENTIOM’s message with the more than 75,000 visitors who attend the annual event. 

“These stylish souvenirs were a great opportunity to generate buzz about ESSENTIOM and ARM & HAMMER at this major dairy industry event while supporting a worthwhile cause,” says Roger Beers, Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition global business manager.

For every “I give an EFA” t-shirt highlighting Essential Fatty Acids worn at World Dairy Expo, ARM & HAMMER donated $5 to Farming to Fight Hunger™ a non-profit organization dedicated to addressing the knowledge gap between agriculture and consumers as farmers adopt scientific advances to decrease food insecurity at home and throughout the world. 

Following World Dairy Expo, ARM & HAMMER donated an impressive $1,425 to this deserving organization on behalf of the 285 individuals who immediately wore the t-shirts. ARM & HAMMER is proud to support farmers as they work to feed the world.

About Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition
Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition, with headquarters in Princeton, N.J., is a global leader in offering a complete family of innovative, research-proven livestock and poultry feed ingredients to improve producer profitability. To learn more about Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition, visit

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