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Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition Introduces MEGAMINE-L Rumen Bypass Lysine

PRINCETON, N.J. (December 22, 2009)—Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition has introduced the latest
breakthrough in animal nutrition with the addition of MEGAMINE-LTM Rumen Bypass Lysine to their
extensive product portfolio. MEGAMINE-L is the answer to an ongoing industry challenge to deliver a
cost-effective, consistent bypass lysine source to maximize milking string performance.

“Performance can be enhanced by delivering optimal levels of lysine—one of the most limiting amino
acids—to the small intestine,” says Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition Senior Manager, Technology, Dr.
Elliot Block. “MEGAMINE-L ensures a consistent level of bypass lysine reaches the small intestine for use
by the cow, removing the guesswork often associated with balancing diets with commodity lysine

Lysine cannot be synthesized in the body from other amino acids or precursors; cows must be
supplemented through their diet. When optimal levels of key limiting amino acids are fed, milk and
component production can increase even with lower dietary protein, resulting in greater income over feed
cost for the dairy.

“MEGAMINE-L provides benefits for the dairy producer, the nutritionist and the dairy industry as a whole,”
says Vice President of Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition Curt Siverling. “A consistent, cost-effective lysine
source helps dairy producers reap the additional benefits of improved performance and additional ration
flexibility for feeding forages and ingredients. For nutritionists, MEGAMINE-L allows for more effective
lysine delivery to the small intestine for absorption, as commodity lysine sources are quite variable in
quality and amino acid profile. A researched, consistent product that meets cow’s protein needs more
precisely is a technological advancement for the dairy industry.”

To learn more about MEGAMINE-L and the benefits of delivering optimal amino acids to the ration,
contact your Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition representative, your nutritionist or visit

Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition, with headquarters in Princeton, N.J., is the North American leader in
offering a complete family of innovative, research-proven dairy feed ingredients to improve producer
profitability. To learn more about Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition, visit


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