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Frost & Sullivan Recognized Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition for Excellence in Product Line

Princeton, N.J. (September 11, 2009)—Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition was recently named recipient of the 2009 Frost & Sullivan North American Excellence in Product Line Award. The award is presented to companies that have developed insightful, needed and demanded products and successfully leveraged them with appropriate price, performance and attributes. 

Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition was selected after an arduous analysis concluded it possessed the strongest product portfolio in the dairy nutrition market. As manufacturer and marketer of MEGALAC®, BIO-CHLOR®, MEGALAC®-R, FERMENTEN®, MEGALAC Plus, DCAD Plus® and various rumen buffers, Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition delivers dairy nutrition products and services that meet the needs of its industry and increase producers’ income over feed costs.

“Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition carves a niche in the dairy feed ingredient industry by successfully addressing the varied challenges and fundamental financial objectives of animal feed companies and dairy producers,” says Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Sneha Pasricha. “The company strategically positions its host of products to address the nutritional and productivity needs of cows throughout their life cycle and support their optimal performance capabilities.”

In addition to serving the needs of its clientele, Arm & Hammer Animal Nutritoin also takes great measures to deliver products that are research-proven, safe and reliable. Each product undergoes scientific and on-farm trials to validate results and ensure product benefits. Its manufacturing facilities are certified by the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) Safe Feed/Safe Food program and the Facility Certification Institute (FCI). 

All feed ingredients can be traced through the manufacturing process, and no animal byproducts are used.

“At a time when sustaining our resources is key, we take pride in developing products that reduce a dairy’s carbon footprint,” says Curt Silverling, vice president of Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition. “Our products increase feed efficiency, meaning cows can eat less, create less waste and product the same amount of milk.”

As an active participant in the dairy industry, Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition also partners with various industry affiliates and has developed strong distribution channels to prominently display its brands in the marketplace. The company reaches out to the dairy industry through forage testing programs and educational webinars to assist dairy producers in maximizing cow performance and overall profitability.

Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition, with headquarters in Princeton, N.J., is the North American leader in offering a complete family of innovative, research-proven dairy feed ingredients to improve producer profitability. To learn more about Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition, visit

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