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Church & Dwight Co., Inc. Facility Receives Distinguished Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification

PRINCETION, N.J. (February 23, 2006) – Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition announces that a key Church & Dwight Co., Inc., production facility in Oskaloosa, Iowa, has received the important Safe Feed/Safe Food Certificiation from the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA). The certification signals the company’s ongoing commitment to provide safe, high-quality feed ingredients for dairy producers. The facility producers FERMENTEN and BIO-CHLOR.

The Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program helps ensure continuous involvement in the delivery of a safe and wholesome feed supply for the growth and care of animals. The program is for companies that demonstrate their commitment to feed safety and enhancing consumer confidence in the products they provide, according to AFIA, which oversees the program. Companies fulfilling the program’s requirements may use an SF/SF seal on their labeling and packaging.

To gain Safe Feed/Safe Food certification, firms and facilities must ensure that no potential biological hazards, such as restricted animal proteins or chemical hazards, are used in the feed-production process or pose a risk through cross-contamination. To maintain certification, facilities agree to allow third-party Facility Certification Institute (FCI) agents to enter their facilities for random, on-site inspections, and must agree to routinely verify compliance with program requirements. Church & Dwight CO., Inc. is FCI certified at three of their production plants, including the Oskaloosa facility. 

“This confirms what we already know—feed ingredients from Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition are produced under strict guidelines to ensure quality and safety,” says Dr. Elliot Block, Senior Manager, Central Technical Services at Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition. “The Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification further illustrates our commitment to dairy producers and the dairy industry to provide the safety and highest-quality feed ingredients.”

Feeding FERMENTEN to lactating cows helps increase milk production and milk protein levels. FERMENETEN provides the protein needed to enhance rumen microbial growth, resulting in more milk and higher components. Count on FERMENTEN to increase herd profitability by helping cows make more milk for each pound of feed they eat.

BIO-CHLOR improves transition period profitability by helping cows reach peak milk production sooner. By maintaining dry matter intake during the transition period, BIO-CHLOR helps get transition cows ramped up for peak production. BIO-CHLOR also reduces the incidence of costly metabolic disorders, especially milk fever.
For more information on the AFIA’s Safe Feed/Safe Food program, visit

Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition, with headquarters in Princeton, N.J., is a leading supplier of innovating, profitable nutritional solutions that impact each phase of a cow’s life cycle. Trust Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition for its innovating, proven and trusted products.

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