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ARM & HAMMER Products Certified Free of At-Risk Proteins

Princeton, N.J. – (February 22, 2005) – The potential of on-farm feed inspections prompted Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition Group officials today to reinforce that their feed ingredients are certified free of Restricted Use Protein Products (RUPP). These materials were banned from animal feed as part of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s 1997 BSE/Ruminant Feed Regulation. 

“For several decades, the Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition Group had focused on a promise to provide dairy producers with the safest, highest-quality feed ingredients designed to improve profitability,” says Bill Tom, Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition Group director. “As compliance testing for the 1997 FDA feed ban moves to the farm level, we want to reassure our customers that the ARM & HAMMER products they use are safe.”

According to Tom, the Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition Group makes the following statements with regards to product safety:

  • ARM & HAMMER feed ingredients are made with no animal byproducts.
  • Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition Group products are made in facilities where only non-animal ingredients are present. This eliminates the chance for cross-contamination from feeds containing animal byproducts.
  • The primary manufacturing facilities producing ARM & HAMMER ingredients are certified free of RUPP by the Facility Certification Institute, a third-party audit bureau sponsored by the American Feed Industry Association.
“The strict certification processes we go through to guarantee the safety of our products reinforces what we state in our Declaration of Principles,” Tom says. “These principles underscore our commitment to the dairy industry, and illustrate the trust dairy producers can place in our dedication to providing them with safe, effective feed ingredients that improve their profitability.”

If dairy producers have questions regarding the safety of their feed supply, or the certification process employed by the Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition Group to guarantee the delivery of safe feed ingredients, they can visit or call 1-800-526-3563.

The ARM & HAMMER Animal Nutrition Group, with headquarters in Princeton, New Jersey, is a leading supplier of innovative dairy feed ingredients that impact each phase of the cow’s life cycle to improve dairy producer profitability. 

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