Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production

ARM & HAMMER™ Reorganizes to Meet Evolving Industry Needs

Ewing, N.J. (January 24, 2022)—Since 2018, Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production has brought solutions to customers throughout the food chain. From natural animal feed additives to food safety antimicrobials, ARM & HAMMER holds a unique position in the food industry reaching from the farm or hatchery to the processing plant. Today, they announce the restructuring of their internal organization to reflect the integrated approach they bring to customers.

Under the leadership of Roger Beers, Director, Global Integrated Food Production, the sales and technical teams serving poultry, swine and food production customers will now work as an integrated team bringing together the research, academic and industry experience of the team into one unit. The change in structure creates a single, unified team connecting all the links of the food chain.
“Integrating our teams is the natural progression in the way we are working to bring solutions to the food supply chain,” said Dr. Scott Druker, general manager of Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production. “We have built an expert team of professionals with deep experience in the food industry who will now be able to work more closely together to meet emerging customer challenges and industry trends.”
While the new integrated team will be able to leverage talents and experience from one another, customers can expect to continue to work with their current ARM & HAMMER representative.
“Bringing this team together is another example of how we look for ways to add more to the products and services we provide,” Beers said. “We like to call it the power of &—the power to add more every day to the solutions our customers and the industry need.”

For more information on Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production visit or contact Roger Beers at

About ARM & HAMMER  
Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production is the only global food chain partner providing diverse technologies for animal production and food production systems. The company, with headquarters in Ewing, N.J., is committed to providing solutions to improve the safety and reliability of our world’s food supply. To learn more, visit

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