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ARM & HAMMER™ CERTILLUS Reformulation Announced

Ewing, N.J. (September 15, 2021)—Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production announces the reformulation of regional CERTILLUS™ brands for U.S. dairy producers. The reformulation helps fine tune and strengthen disease prevention from pathogens such as Clostridia. CERTILLUS Targeted Microbial Solutions™ are available for feed, forage and manure to manage pathogen pressures that impact animal health and performance. 

“Every dairy farm is under pressure from a wide variety of pathogens, including Clostridia. CERTILLUS can help livestock reduce the risk of the negative impact these pathogens can cause,” says Dr. Tom Rehberger, director of innovation and product development for Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production. “Recent research showed that CERTILLUS also helps maintain consistent milk production. The new reformulations will reinforce these benefits.”  

ARM & HAMMER™ discovered that each of nine regions across the U.S. has unique bacterial populations and has developed CERTILLUS blends based on these regional differences. This reformulation was the result of extensive microbial surveying to reevaluate all regional blends, test them against key pathogenic challenges in each region, and determine any necessary updates. The new blends are based on inhibition profiles for pathogenic and non-pathogenic Clostridia, along with other pathogens known to affect immune and intestinal barrier functions. 

“The process undertaken to reformulate CERTILLUS is part of the ongoing investment by ARM & HAMMER to ensure that we stay abreast of the most pressing threats on dairies by delivering the most effective products and solutions,” says Jesse Thompson, ruminant product development manager for ARM & HAMMER. “CERTILLUS is a part of a complete portfolio of products designed to strengthen immunity and enhance performance on dairy operations.” 

Targeted Microbial Solutions use proprietary strains of Bacillus selected to combat the specific challenges in the Microbial Terroir™ of the dairy—the environment, soil and animals specific to each farm location. The beneficial strains of bacteria help combat harmful pathogens that impact animal health and performance. All new formulations will deliver 2 billion CFU/hd/day, except for the Southwest formula, which will deliver 2.5 billion CFU/hd/day. 

For more information regarding CERTILLUS and the new formulations, contact your local ARM & HAMMER representative.


Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production is the only global food chain partner providing diverse technologies for animal production and food production systems. The company, with headquarters in Ewing, N.J., is committed to providing solutions to improve the safety and reliability of our world’s food supply. To learn more, visit

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