Beef Resiliency Program

To qualify for free CERTILLUS inoculant or manure treatment, producers must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a new CELMANAX or CERTILLUS customer
  • Purchase a minimum 100 pounds of CELMANAX SCP (or CELMANAX Dry or CELMANAX Liquid equivalent) or 700 pounds of CERTILLUS CP Beef following program enrollment (as verified by feed supplier(s) listed below) to earn free CERTILLUS Inoculant or CERTILLUS Manure treatment*
  • Must enroll by December 31, 2019 to be eligible for the program
  • Submit enrollment form to your ARM & HAMMER representative or Dawn Ehlers (Dawn.Ehlers@churchdwight.com) for verification and program confirmation

* All fields are required

Once qualifying amounts of CELMANAX or CERTILLUS have been purchased following program enrollment, ARM & HAMMER will (select one):


* Does not include CERTILLUS L. buchneri or dry granular inoculants.