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Mix and match ARM & HAMMER products designed to build herd resiliency and maintain health and performance with this deal.

Now, when you feed CERTILLUS or CELMANAX, get inoculants or manure treatment free.*

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Identify your microbial challenges.

With CERTILLUS, you receive a Microbial Terroir Dairy Assessment that uncovers your operation’s unique microbial challenges. Then, our lab determines which specific strains of Bacillus will be most effective and delivers you a product that’s right for your farm.

Protect forages and break the clostridia cycle.

CERTILLUS inoculants help retain nutrient value and inhibit the bacteria known to cause feed spoilage. CERTILLUS Prime contains Bacillus that not only protect forage quality, but also help to break the clostridia cycle on your farm.

Solids buildup stinks.

When your lagoon isn’t free-flowing, well, it stinks. The Bacillus in CERTILLUS manure treatment help create a better consistency, prevent noxious odors and improve pumping.


Prepare for whatevers ahead.

The Refined Functional Carbohydrates (RFCs) in CELMANAX preemptively prepare the immune system before challenges like low feed quality or disease arise. When cows are more resilient, their milk production and quality are maintained, even when they are stressed.

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