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Poultry Heat Stress Strategies

Posted July 23, 2021 by Dr. Theresia Lavergne, Monogastric Manager, Field Technical Services

How can the poultry industry better manage the multimillion-dollar threat of heat stress? What are key signs that indicate your birds could be at risk? Which management practices can help mitigate both the long- and short-term effects of heat stress in poultry? Using her extensive background in academic, research and industry settings, Dr. Theresia Lavergne, Monogastric Manager, Field Technical Services, at Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production, discusses everything from water and ventilation strategies to using feed additives in poultry diets. If you want to help birds keep their cool when the heat is on, you won’t want to miss Theresia’s #ScienceHearted conversation with host Andy Vance.




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