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What’s Good for the Gut

Posted April 16, 2021 by Dr. Tom Rehberger, Director of Innovation and Product Development

How can improving the resiliency of livestock and poultry support performance? What are some efficient, natural strategies for strengthening the immune system to fend off clostridial challenges and other pathogenic threats? Tapping his years of experience developing customized microbial products and his doctorate in food microbiology from Iowa State University, Dr. Tom Rehberger, Director of Innovation and Product Development at Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production, shares his insights on how Refined Functional Carbohydrates™ (RFCs™) and Targeted Microbial Solutions™ can help tackle pathogenic threats naturally. If you’re interested in the results you can get from innovative products like CERTILLUS™ and CELMANAX™, you won’t want to miss Tom’s #ScienceHearted discussion with host Andy Vance in this episode of “Food Chain Chats.”





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