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Globally, 3 out of 4 ration ingredients are contaminated by one or more mycotoxin.1 That means clostridia and other harmful bacteria and toxins are likely present in your forages and feed. Now, you can get CERTILLUS™ inoculants to treat 100 tons of forage for every 100 cows you feed CELMANAX™ for 100 days.

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Together, CERTILLUS Inoculants and CELMANAX work in harmony to keep your cattle performing their best.

Avoid spoilage.

In fermented feeds, high pH levels cause improper fermentation—leading to spoilage. The Bacillus and Lactobacillus in CERTILLUS inoculants quickly convert carbohydrates to lactic acid, lowering pH and locking in nutrients.

Protect immunity.

The Refined Functional Carbohydrates™ (RFCs™) in CELMANAX help prepare the immune system ahead of challenges, meaning if your feed quality unexpectedly drops, your cattle can maintain performance.

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