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Prioritizing Poultry Food Safety

Posted June 25, 2021 by Kara Stewart, Poultry Business Manager

How can a close evaluation of protocols, procedures, and data help address food safety challenges within the poultry industry? What are some specific points in the system that can make all the difference when it comes to Salmonella and other pathogens? With a background that includes both research and hands-on experience “in the arena,” Kara Stewart, Poultry Business Manager at Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production, shares insights on taking a multi-technology, multi-hurdle approach to food safety—from live production through processing. If you want to hear the latest thinking on maintaining a safe, consistent, farm-to-family food supply, you won’t want to miss Kara’s #ScienceHearted conversation with host Andy Vance in this episode of “Food Chain Chats.” You can also learn more about the Salmonella webinar series she introduces on our YouTube channel.




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