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The importance of continual research.

Posted September 09, 2022 by Dr. Ruby Wu, Dairy Technical Services Manager

Would you buy a car that hasn’t gone through any safety testing? Chances are, you wouldn’t. So why would you purchase a product that doesn’t have the research and the testing to back it up?

At ARM & HAMMER™, we continually test, evaluate, and evolve our products and technologies to meet the current and emerging needs of our customers. Conducting on-farm trials allows us to learn from our customers how our products are benefiting their animals.

Continual research in action.

In previous research we’ve conducted, we’ve observed CERTILLUS™ can beneficially affect the gut health, resiliency, and productive performance of dairy cows. Due to this prior research, our #ScienceHearted team recently conducted a study to evaluate the effect of feeding CERTILLUS to lactating cows in a side-by-side commercial trial.

The trial conducted in California took place over a 23-week period from March to August with a total of approximately 760 animals enrolled for each treatment.

The product statistically (P<0.05) increased yields of test date milk, energy corrected milk, and 305 mature equivalent milk by 2.8 lbs., 2.5 lbs., and 782 lbs., respectively. Calculated feed efficiency improved 4.8% due to the test date milk yield increase.

CERTILLUS also increased milk yield by 3 lbs. after adjustment for the DIM difference between the treatment and control groups.

By improving milk yield, CERTILLUS also improved return on investment. ROI was calculated as 7.5:1 based on revenue 3 lbs. *$20/100lbs. = $0.60/cow/day vs. cost of CERTILLUS as $0.08/cow/day.

Always learning. Always evolving.

Thanks to continual research, our #ScienceHearted experts can develop new solutions at The ScienceHearted Center. And with products like CERTILLUS that can be customized and regionalized through our Microbial Terroir™ platform, research helps to fine-tune the product to meet each dairy’s unique challenges.

To learn more about the research being conducted by our #ScienceHearted team, tune into our recent episode of Food Chain Chats with Dr. Ruby Wu or contact your ARM & HAMMER rep today.


About Dr. Ruby Wu

Dr. Ruby Wu has extensive experience across the dairy industry, including her current role as dairy technical services manager at Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production. Dr. Wu holds a bachelor’s degree in animal science from China Agricultural University, a master’s degree in dairy nutrition from the University of Georgia and a Ph.D. in animal science-dairy nutrition, also from the University of Georgia.



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