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Products, innovation and service fuel a passion for food safety.

Posted February 25, 2021 by Dr. Sangita Jalukar, Technical Services Manager
Food Safety

With a multi-species portfolio of food safety products, pioneering technology in application systems and exemplary service, ARM & HAMMER™ is deeply committed to advancing food safety.

DBDMH, the active processing agent in ARM & HAMMER’s family of antimicrobial products, was introduced to the marketplace nearly 15 years ago. DBDMH is used to significantly reduce pathogen loads during protein processing across the food production system through the suite of products listed below:

  • AviBrom™: Reduces Campylobacter and Salmonella in raw poultry
  • PorciBrom™: Effectively reduces E. coli and Salmonella in pork processing without impacting flavor or color
  • BoviBrom™: Reduces Salmonella and E. coli in beef processing postharvest

DBDMH (Hypobromous Acid) has several key values that drive the use of the product in meat production. One of those attributes is that the product has a neutral pH that will not impact your waste water systems nor does it require pH adjustments before entering these systems. DBDMH is also compatible with concrete, steel and other common processing plant alloy materials. Many industrial hygiene studies have been performed in commercial facilities, and the results show that the product can be used effectively below the OSHA PEL limits with no concerns for worker safety.  Along with these key attributes the products have great efficacy against pathogens.    

Research-proven solutions.

A study1 by Colorado State University evaluated the efficacy of BoviBrom on bacterial growth when used in beef packing facilities. Carcasses were inoculated on the rail in four target zones, and three treatment regimens were administered on two separate production days. While all systems were effective against pathogens, the regimens that included BoviBrom and hot water wash provided the greatest potential for pathogen control. Similar studies2,3 in other protein groups document the effectiveness of DBDMH technology in reducing pathogens at processing.

In addition to great products, ARM & HAMMER has delivered leading edge technology and exemplary service to the food production industry. Our pioneering delivery system, cabinet design and spray pattern technology allows for better coverage with less waste. We were also the first to deliver simultaneous product delivery to avoid product slugs in cleaning systems.

All of these leading-edge products and innovations are backed by a 24-hour service guarantee. Wrap it all up and ARM & HAMMER is a true solutions provider when it comes to advancing food safety in processing facilities.

Passion for innovation.

We’re also leading the way in terms of product innovation. Over time some pathogens have the unique  ability to evolve to become resistant to acids designed to reduce pathogen load. Innovations are in the pipeline to add focus on how to reduce pathogens in unique ways, continuing the history of research, innovation and service ARM & HAMMER brings to the marketplace.




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