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The signs something isn’t quite right—and what to do next.

Posted April 19, 2021 by Dr. Joel Pankowski, Ruminant Technical Services Manager

As a dairy farmer, you know when your farm is hitting on all cylinders: your herd is healthy and the cows are thriving and productive. Of course, you also know when something is misfiring, and productivity is not where it should be. Identifying what’s causing the gap between potential and production requires a keen eye for detail and the sort of dairy farmer intuition someone who spends every day around cows begins to notice.

To avoid any loss of potential profits, it pays to look for these warning signs and take appropriate action.

The signs something is almost, but not quite right.

Your cows are often the first to tell you that something is not quite right using five critical signs. A quick walk through the barn can help identify one or all of these common indicators that cows are not meeting their potential:

  1. Production numbers are always almostbut never quiteright. Production is the lifeblood of an operation, which is why it’s so unsettling when the cows are not maximizing their potential.
  2. You can’t get ‘off feed’ off your mind. Cows going off feed is one of the most common challenges producers face, but also one of the hardest to remedy because the cause isn’t always obvious.
  3. Intake inconsistencies keep happening. Just as frustrating is when feed intake is on-again, off-again, creating unpredictable feed intake.
  4. Rumination has become an issue. Are manure and digestion issues telling you something isn’t quite right?
  5. The numbers don’t add up. You’ve balanced the ration, vaccinated and performed routine health checks, yet something is still off.

One great way to get everything just right.

Seeing these signs is one thing and knowing where to get help is another. First, realize that you’re not alone. Many producers face these same “what now” questions—and that’s why many choose to check another, less-than-obvious box. Specifically, they’re taking advantage of the expertise of ARM & HAMMER to map out a plan that gets ahead of hidden, productivity-robbing threats.

Ready to fire on all, rather than most, cylinders? Consider getting an evaluation of your operation. Getting the process started is as simple as filling out this form. When you do, one of our representatives will reach out with more details.

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