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MEGALAC Remains a Foundation in Dairy Cattle Rations

PRINCETON, N.J. (May 17, 2010)—In 1986, two years after pioneering the concept of feeding rumen bypass fats, Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition brought MEGALAC® Rumen Bypass Fat to the market as the industry’s first rumen inert fat source. Almost 25 years later MEGALAC remains the industry standard for the high-quality bypass energy source herds need to meet their daily maintenance needs and fulfill milking string potential.

“Dairy producers and nutritionists continue to rely on the research-proven properties of MEGALAC to deliver the energy needed for optimal lactation performance,” says Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition Senior Business Manager Dr. Scott Druker. “While production levels and herd size have changed over time, a research-proven bypass fat is still needed to meet the high energy demands of the dairy cow.”

Improving Performance, Income Over Feed Cost

At a time when dairies are operating on tight margins, optimizing herd efficiency and production is of utmost importance. In thirty-six field trials with MEGALAC, 93.6 percent demonstrated an improvement in production and 89 percent of published studies showed higher feed efficiency ratios.
“When MEGALAC is in the ration income over feed cost (IOFC) improves, even when milk prices are low,” explains Dr. Druker. “During good market conditions, MEGALAC generates even greater margins for the dairy operation.”

The Value of Quality, Proven Ingredients

MEGALAC is the only bypass fat with a USDA-measured Net Energy for Lactation (NEL) value of 2.96 Mcal/lb. The high-quality, research-proven qualities of MEGALAC have helped producers identify the product by name as a go-to ration ingredient.
Other rumen bypass products have come on the scene citing MEGALAC research as their own, but MEGALAC is still the most researched bypass fat product on the market, remaining a step ahead of the competition.

“The research behind MEGALAC reinforces its effectiveness in dairy cattle rations and confirms the quality of the fatty acids it delivers to the diet,” emphasizes Senior Manager, Technology Dr. Elliot Block. “Knowing exactly how a fatty acid will react in the rumen and the actual amount of fat that will reach the small intestine for use by the cow is critical when choosing a rumen bypass fat source. As a leader in this category for a quarter century, we know MEGALAC delivers the energy cows need for consistent performance, leading to greater on-farm margins.”

Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition is committed to delivering high-quality, consistent feed ingredients for on-farm success. Backed by industry-recognized certifications—including the Facility Certification Institute and the American Feed Industry Association Safe Feed/Safe Food certification programs—the quality standards implemented in the Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition plants ensure products like MEGALAC offer the solutions needed for on-farm success.

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