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WEBINAR: Building immunity in your herd is a balancing act.

Posted September 24, 2020 by Dr. Neil Michael, Ruminant Technical Services Manager



When the immune system is described, it is often portrayed as an army of antibodies poised to go into attack mode when any sort of disease presence enters the body. While this paints an accurate picture and antibodies are important, a strong immune system has many more functions.

When it comes to establishing an optimal immune system inside a cow, there are four target areas:

  1. Maintaining balance. In a general sense, the job of the immune system is to maintain balance, allowing the commensal or “good” microorganisms to do their thing to maintain health inside the cow.

    That ideal balance offers just enough protection to prevent and control disease. An immune response that is too strong can result in excessive inflammation. One that is too weak lets the invading pathogens take over. An ideal immune system creates a state of homeostasis in the body where response systems function at a normal rate.
  2. Manage energy. When the immune system is active, like when an animal is under stress, it takes a significant amount of energy to maintain. This is especially the case when inflammation occurs. When energy is applied to immune function, it gets taken away from other areas that could enhance performance.
  3. Focus on the barrier, not the bug. A strong immune response is more about the animal and not the invading pathogen. This means creating a strong barrier of protection at the cellular level that wards off harmful disease agents while reducing inflammation.
  4. Reduce microbial colonization and shedding. Preventing pathogenic microbes from growing and colonizing reduces the likelihood the animal will shed those pathogens into the environment and infect other animals.

Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production has two products that work in tandem to support a strong immune system. The Refined Functional Carbohydrates found in CELMANAX create a stronger barrier of protection to reduce the effect of invading pathogens. At the same time, the specific and proprietary strains of Bacillus found in CERTILLUS target specific microbes to reduce the impact of pathogens.

This recorded webinar features Dr. Chris Chase from South Dakota State University, who discusses the specific functions of the immune system, and Dr. Neil Michael with Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production, who discusses opportunities to use products like CELMANAX and CERTILLUS to improve immune function and animal productivity.


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