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Resiliency for Cows

How will improved resiliency help your cows?

Posted June 03, 2019 by ARM & HAMMER

Who wouldn’t want to live in a world where it’s always the perfect temperature and no clinical or subclinical disease pressures ever make dairy cattle sick? A place where each threat to the productivity of your herd can be quickly and easily addressed.

That world doesn’t exist.

Instead, you have to deal with all sorts of external pressures and threats, each of which adds to an ongoing challenge to maintain herd health and productivity.

When dairy producers think about cattle immunity, often the first thing that comes to mind is vaccination. It’s true that properly timed and administered vaccines are key components of any dairy producer’s disease prevention program. However, vaccination can’t do the job alone.

A healthy gut is a happy gut.

When working to develop a more resilient herd, it’s imperative that dairy producers understand the importance of gut health, a critical component of the animal’s immune system. This is the primary point of attack in the animal’s body, since intestinal cells are the first cells to be exposed to pathogens.

A healthy gut lining provides real time resiliency against the risk of disease-causing pathogens and toxins entering the animal’s system.

Feeding Refined Functional Carbohydrates (RFCs) is one way to support gut health, leading to improved animal health and efficiency. RFCs work in multiple ways in the animal’s body, blocking sites for attachment by pathogens while supporting beneficial bacteria found in the intestine.

What are RFCs?
  • Mannan-oligosaccharides—short sugar units of mannose
  • Mannose—a monosaccharide
  • Beta glucans—sugar units from the yeast cell wall

This, that and the other external threat.

Also, put into consideration, all the environmental questions you’re constantly forced to answer: Is it too hot? Is it too cold? Is there proper ventilation for the conditions?

Not to mention the assortment of clinical and subclinical disease pressures—such as hypoglycemia, ketosis, metritis and retained placentas—that remain a constant threat.

Or the possibility of unplanned future expenses and lingering worries about your next, best moves in an ever-changing economic climate.

A real-world-ready dairy herd.

Ultimately, resiliency is about making your dairy cattle real-world-ready. While it’s relatively easy to deal with the challenges that are seen, a resilient cow can also cope with those real-world threats that aren’t immediately obvious.

The goal of resiliency is simple: Spend less time and money on sick animals by proactively giving them what they need to cope with whatever external and internal pressures could come their way—including the ones that are the hardest to predict.

Assessmentthe first stop on the road to resiliency.

Everything around your dairy cattle affects them, good and bad. By assessing the microbial makeup—or Microbial Terroir™—of your soil, feed ingredients and the animals themselves, ARM & HAMMER™ can determine which microbial challenges pose the largest threats to your herd.

Making cows more resilient with CERTILLUS.

CERTILLUS is the Bacillus-based dairy product available from ARM & HAMMER. For some, CERTILLUS is a completely customized blend of Bacillus strains. Most often, one of our regional blends of CERTILLUS will match your needs and will target your specific challenges.


CELMANAX helps make cows real-world ready.

The RFCs in CELMANAX help prepare the immune system ahead of a threat so animals can respond quickly when challenges occur. It also supports optimal rumen fermentation and digestion—and helps maintain consistent milk production and quality even when heat and humidity rise.

To read more about building the immune system for resiliency, check out a recent article published in International Dairy Topics, written by our own Elliot Block, director of technology. Here, you’ll learn even more helpful tips to enhance immune response for a more resilient herd.

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