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Thinking big-picture at the microscopic level.

Every day, we test and translate the microbial landscape. By exploring, researching refining and mining exceptional microbes, our experts are improving health and quality of life for people, boosting animal productivity and creating a more sustainable world. We're the ever-curious, science-obsessed, who think big at every level. 


All In for Industry.

One important way we help producers get the most productivity from their animals is by providing tangible support to the dairy, beef, poultry and swine industries.

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All In for Quality. 

Research. Product development. Service. Support. At every step of the way, exceptional quality matters. And Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production makes sure it’s a top priority.  

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  • RFC Technology Tackles Pathogens While Enhancing Animal Productivity

    Dr. Sangita Jalukar, Product Development and Research Coordinator, Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition

    Setting animals up for success is a key management focus—no matter which species you raise or where you are located. That means following proper facility and feeding hygiene, and enhancing gut health so that animals can more easily fight off infections from contact with harmful pathogens.

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